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“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital.” Prof. Warren G. Bennis

Offering services in the secondary wood manufacturing segment.


Our Mission

To enhance our customers’ success by providing unparallel expertise and support helping them to achieve their business objectives. By leveraging our extensive experience in the industry our clients maximize their profitability, efficiency, and sustainability through the development of innovative strategies, processes, and technologies.

Our History

Pat Tallier entered the hardwood flooring business in the fall of 1989 at Superior Floor Co in Laona, WI. Superior Floor Company was one of five MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) members in the world. Superior Floor Company’s primary business was developing and selling sports floor systems throughout the world. Tallier advanced rapidly at Superior Floor and within five years was Vice President of Manufacturing and Lumber Procurement. Under his direction, Superior Floor added to their manufacturing process state of the art dry kilns, automated wood optimization equipment and renovated the plant on numerous occasions in an effort to become as efficient and profitable as possible.

In the spring of 1998, Tallier was contacted by Peter Connor of Nicolet Hardwoods to assist in building a new hardwood flooring facility. Tallier was offered an ownership stake in the company known as WD Flooring. The combination was a success, and the company grew to be one of the largest manufacturers of high quality Northern residential, commercial, and recreational wood flooring in the United States.


By 2008, Tallier and Connor had created an amicable arrangement for Tallier to sell his stake in the company back to the Connor family and made an exit from WD Flooring to pursue other interests.

After fulfilling his obligations to a contractual agreement with WD Flooring, in the spring of 2012 Tallier struck out on his own and created and built a start up company known today as Infinity Wood Floors. On the heels of the country waning from one of the worse recessions in history, Infinity was not without its challenges. But through the perseverance of an experienced business manager, a great product produced by exceptional employees, and excellent customers, Infinity worked its way through the rough waters onto solid footing. As a strategic move in 2019, Tallier sold the assets of the company and stayed on for 3 years while the company transformed under new ownership.

Thirty years of building, growing, and managing wood flooring companies has brought Tallier to the natural next step in the progression of his career. Assisting other companies in doing the same. Whether it be growing their companies, navigating rough waters or simply a desire to be more efficient and profitable, Tallier and Associates can be of assistance.

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